Breakfast being the most important meal of the day gives us enough energy to survive through our daily grind, but more often, we miss out on it. As we are always on the run, handling daily chores, we tend to avoid the tedious and time-taking job cooking food is.
But is skipping breakfast really worth it? Or there exists an alternative way to manage time without having to miss out on breakfast.

Well, yes the American way of healthy breakfast and all you have to do for it is get your daily bread and make your toaster run.

Singer has addressed the need of the hour just in time by introducing a new range of toasters with advanced features such as electronic browning control, reheat, defrost and cancel function with indicator lights, and easy slide-out crumb trayto save your time and ensure you get your daily dose of energy before walking out of your home. From helping in digestion to lowering the levels of cholesterol, bread toasts have countless health benefits and surely are one of the quintessential snacks that will leave your lips smacking for more. The crunchy slices pack more energy than you can imagine whether you spruce it up with mixed fruit jam or a scoop of butter.

Within days, the popping sound of the Singer Toaster will become your favourite sound you hear in the mornings as you wait for just 2-3 minutes before you take a bite off your crunchy, buttered slice of tasty toasted bread.

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