To all the beautiful ladies! We all have a hair dryer in our closet. But what do we do with it? Blow-dry your hair? That’s all right? But do you know that a blow dryer can do miracles apart from giving us a new look?

Here are some life hacks to save you from small worries:
1. Shoe Blisters: Each time you try a new pair of shoes, you get painful blisters and you end up wearing an old pair. This time put on new shoes without the stress of getting blisters. All you need to do, is put on some thick socks, wear the shoes, and blow warm air on your foot and along the edges of the mouth of the shoe. Voila! Your shoe should now be stretched a little bit, and you won’t have blisters anymore.

2. Drying Nail Paints: Ladies, all of us have at least once in our lives been in a situation when we have to get ready in a jiffy. We apply nail paint, and then as soon as we think it has dried, we go on to put on our clothes. And yes, the paint is ruined. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore; hair dryer is a quick fix. Apply your favourite colour on your nails and simply blow dry your fingernails for 2 min


3. De-wrinkle clothes: When you are all set to go out for an event, but the moment you step out, you spot some wrinkles on your clothes. Now that’s a bummer! Don’t panic. Dampen the area with a spray bottle and blow warm air on it until it dries. Once it gets dry, that part of the dress will de-wrinkle; and you are ready to go for an event.

4. Unstick pictures: Want to remove your favourite picture that is too stubborn to come out from that album you don’t want anymore? Just take out your hair dryer from the closet and simply blow warm air on the back of the page for few minutes. The photo will come off from the album.

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